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Make Crafts - Patterns to Make Free Crafts

Crafts - Printable Pattern For Making Wreaths

Flower Garden in a Jar

You will need:
A clear Jar with lid
Small silk, plastic or dried flowers
Rolling pin
Play dough


Use the rolling pin to roll out the play dough. Cut the play dough using the mouth of the jar.  Stick flowers into the dough. Leave lid off and dry over night.

When the play dough is dry, screw the lid on.

Printable craft instructions, print the craft instructions now.
Make Crafts of Dired Flower Wreaths

You will need: 
Hot glue gun or Thin wire
Hair Spray
Flowers that are dried, dried cattails, dried weeds or you can use plastic flowers
A wreath frame (available at stores in crafts dept.)
Ribbon to make a nice bow

A.  After your flowers are dried (or use plastic flowers), spray the dried flowers with hair spray.

B.  Fasten the flowers to the wreath frame covering it all 

C.  Make a nice big bow out of the ribbon and attach it to the wreath


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