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Tips to Save on Groceries

Quick Steps To Slash Your Grocery Bills!

This is a short version on slashing your grocery bills.  Let's get started!

1.  Coupons are a must!
A.  Shop at stores that double the face value of coupons.  Example:  You have a .50 cent coupon and the store doubles it so you get $1 off the item.
B.  Get the most out of your coupons by using them when the items are on sale.
C.  Organize your coupons either by expiration date or by catagories.  Example: Frozen foods, Baby products and so on.
D.  Check the stores in your area to see if any of them ever offer to double a $1.00 coupon ($1.00 = $2.00 off when doubled).  Some cities do offer this so check the larger cities around you too.

2.  Finding coupons.
A.  Take a Sunday newspaper that gives coupon inserts.
B.  Look for coupon blinkie machines sticking out from shelves in the store by the products.
C.  Some grocery stores have a coupon box where you can leave your unwanted coupons and take coupons you want.
D.  Check food packages for coupons on the boxes or inside the boxes.
E.   Print free printable coupons on the internet here
      All places have new coupons each week.
F.  Visit coupon forums on the internet like the coupon forum

3.  If your grocery store has it's own customer savings card or it might be called a rewards card, sign up for it.
A.  Some stores give extra money off alot of products when you scan your customer savings card before you ring up your groceries.
B.  Some stores only give the sale from the sale paper after you scan your customer savings card.
C.  Scanning your customer savings card usually lets you keep track of your ongoing savings from that store for the year.  Check the bottom of your receipt for your total yearly savings as well as the savings for just that day.

4.  Up your savings by doing refunds.
A.  Watch for refund forums on the product packages.
B.  Watch for refund forms in the coupon sections of your Sunday newspaper.
C.  Take a refunding magazine  which lists available refund forms and has ad sections for forms.
D.  Print out free refund forms on the internet here

5.  After you accumulate extra products that you got for almost nothing or even free by using your coupons at stores that double the face value and buying when the item is on sale, here are tips to get rid of your extra stockpile.
A.  Sell them on a garage sale.
B.  Post them on the stockpile forum at
C.  Make gift baskets and give them out as presents.  Create a theme with your products such as all baby products for a baby basket, all kids products for a kid's basket, all food products for a food basket and so on.

6.  Here's a few other money saving tips!
A.  Rent movies off the internet at Netflix or Blockbuster.  They deliver them to your mailbox and give you a postage paid envelope to return them.  You list the movies you want in your account and they send one to you each time they get one back from you.  You save the gasoline expense of going into town and getting one and going back the next day to return it.  You can try a free trial for movie rental places here

B.  Take out a checking account with a bank that offers "Bill Pay".  This allows you to pay your bills right from your checkbook electronically by logging into your online account.   You will save money by not buying postage stamps.  You can also see your current balance before you pay the bill so you should never overdraw your checkbook.
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