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Crafts - Printable Pattern For Scented Pine Cones

Scented Pine Cones

Printable craft instructions, print the craft instructions now.

What you will need:
Cotton swabs or a small paint brush
Clear drying glue
Ground cloves or cinnamon
Gold Metallic paint
Basket to hold pine cones
Decorations such as cinnamon sticks, greenery and colored ribbons and optional glitter.

1.  Spray pine cones with gold metallic paint.  Let dry.

2.  Use a small paint brush or a cotton swab (q-tip), dab inside edges of pine cones with the clear drying glue. Quickly sprinkle on the ground cloves or cinnamon and shake off the excess.

3.  Dry,  Then arrange in a basket. Decorate with ribbons, cinnamon sticks, greenery, optional glitter or other items you may wish to use.


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Printable craft instructions, print the craft instructions
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