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Free Christmas Crafts

Crafts - Printable Christmas Angels

Christmas Angels
You will need:
The inner cardbord tube from one roll of paper towels.  Cut this down to heigtht you wish Angel to be
Shape into a Ball some aluminum foil to make the head with
Plastic drinking straws
Linit Starch 
Pretty things like lace, silk flowers and other things

Cut cheesecloth to the size you want your angel to be.

Pour the starch into a bowl. Place the cheesecloth in the starch and soak for a few minutes to make stiff then remove it 

Make the head by putting your foil ball on top of paper towel roll.  Place the cheesecloth over it. Place your straws for holding up the arms and let it dry.

When you remove the straws and paper towel roll, the angel  will stand on its own.

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