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Easter Crafts - Free Crafts

Crafts - Plastic Egg Bunny

Plastic Egg Bunny Crafts

You will need:
One plastic easter egg
A few pipe cleaners for whiskers or straw
2 white pom poms
1 pink  pom pom Scissors
2 big googly eyes
1 sheet each of white and pink paper
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Bunny ears:  Cut two large white bunny ears and two smaller pink ears that will fit inside the white ears. 
Glue the smaller pink ears inside the white ears
At the top end of the small side of the egg, glue the ears spacing them about an inch apart.

Chubby Cheeks:  Glue the two white pom poms on the front of the egg just above where the egg opens up. 
Glue the pink pom pom on the center, on top of the white pompoms and smash it down a little.

Glue on the eyes. 

Fill your bunny egg with candy.
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