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Holiday stuff
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Humor Forum 02:11 AM
Best Ever Ending To Pieface smiles, Dec-30-18, 07:51 PM
:-) smiles, Dec-30-18, 07:19 PM
What happened to the Irish man who thought about t... smiles, Dec-30-18, 07:17 PM
new year resolution smiles, Dec-30-18, 07:12 PM
men funny smiles, Dec-22-18, 10:00 PM
holiday workout smiles, Dec-17-18, 07:59 AM
  • :) ppe1952, 07:59 AM, Dec-17-18
lol smiles, Dec-14-18, 09:58 PM
Q: If they hold a pie eating contest this holiday ... smiles, Dec-14-18, 09:52 PM
Q: What's a good holiday tip? smiles, Dec-14-18, 09:50 PM
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cute smiles, Nov-20-18, 09:28 PM
ha ha ha ha ha ha smiles, Nov-06-18, 10:16 PM
adult trick-or-treating smiles, Oct-31-18, 10:41 PM
bath time smiles, Oct-30-18, 02:55 PM
maggie may is funny smiles, Oct-08-18, 09:31 PM
so true smiles, Oct-05-18, 06:17 PM
giggle smiles, Oct-02-18, 07:45 PM
overprotective big sister smiles, Sep-25-18, 06:59 PM
i'm having a party LOL smiles, Sep-20-18, 05:35 PM
pumpkin everwhere humor smiles, Sep-18-18, 09:47 PM
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Free Lunchbox Facts & Jokes smiles, Sep-12-18, 03:10 PM
hubby says to me first thing this morning smiles, Aug-28-18, 07:42 PM
oh yeah smiles, Aug-22-18, 07:17 PM
almost payday..... smiles, Aug-21-18, 10:33 PM
Aretha Franklin - Think (The Blues Brothers 1980) smiles, Aug-17-18, 08:06 PM
funny smiles, Aug-15-18, 02:28 PM
Abbott & Costello Who's On First smiles, Aug-14-18, 03:01 PM
dinner smiles, Jul-05-18, 06:06 PM
new vinyl flooring smiles, Jul-03-18, 07:39 PM
They say money doesnít grow on trees, smiles, Jun-22-18, 10:21 PM
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All my life I thought air was for free. smiles, Jun-22-18, 10:14 PM
Organized people are simply too lazy to search for... smiles, Jun-22-18, 10:09 PM
35 VERY Funny (and cute) Animal Pictures smiles, May-23-18, 09:36 PM
bicycle kitty smiles, May-16-18, 03:04 PM
the "older than dirt" quiz smiles, May-12-18, 10:14 PM
snaccident smiles, May-12-18, 10:13 PM
where does your nose go when it's hungry? smiles, May-02-18, 03:07 PM
too funny !!! smiles, Apr-27-18, 11:36 AM
lol smiles, Apr-25-18, 06:13 PM
i am reading................. smiles, Apr-19-18, 07:31 PM
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"It's Friday the 13th. Avoid ladders, black ... smiles, Apr-13-18, 07:48 PM
What song does Jason Voorhees sing on Friday the... smiles, Apr-13-18, 07:47 PM
kids LOL smiles, Apr-07-18, 06:16 PM
me too LOL smiles, Apr-03-18, 10:30 PM
this is what i have ready for chloe kay on april f... smiles, Mar-26-18, 08:10 PM
who elsed dieted all weekend? smiles, Mar-25-18, 09:59 PM

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