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Feedback for nanceekaye
Posted on Aug-06-04 at 00:44 AM (Eastern) by please leave me feedback thanxs so much...
Aug-18-19 00: AM
132 messages
Feedback for ptmama525
Posted on May-19-05 at 02:49 PM (Eastern) by Please leave feedback if we have traded !!! Thanks Deedra ...
Aug-12-19 00: AM
534 messages
Feedback for 2597grandma
Posted on May-26-08 at 08:20 PM (Eastern) by Hi everyone. Just joined the board today. When we have complete a trade, please leave ...
Jul-25-19 00: AM
35 messages
Feedback for ladywcats
Posted on Jan-18-07 at 07:00 PM (Eastern) by need some feedback please Gloria...
Jun-21-19 00: AM
178 messages
Feedback for SandyC
Posted on Jun-03-04 at 09:25 AM (Eastern) by Please leave feedback for SandyC. Thank you....
May-01-19 00: AM
209 messages
Feedback for dlpavitt
Posted on Mar-05-07 at 06:38 PM (Eastern) by If we have had a trade. Please leave feed back. Thanks Donna...
Mar-23-19 00: AM
511 messages
Feedback for Chicagoclipper
Posted on Feb-21-16 at 11:10 PM (Eastern) by Feedback for Chicagoclipper...
Jan-28-19 00: AM
62 messages
Feedback for bsmith411
Posted on Dec-01-17 at 03:43 PM (Eastern) by Just recently joined this Forum and have made some great trades already. Great Trade w...
Nov-21-18 00: AM
2 messages
Feedback for barbz04
Posted on Feb-13-05 at 03:31 AM (Eastern) by Please leave feedback if we have traded. Thank you, Barbara...
Apr-08-18 00: AM
36 messages
Feedback for babswhyit
Posted on Nov-19-06 at 03:49 PM (Eastern) by THanks so much for your feedback!...
Apr-03-18 00: AM
425 messages
Feedback for RebekkaVA
Posted on Jul-25-05 at 09:31 AM (Eastern) by If we've had a trade, please leave feedback. Thank you :) Rebekka...
Feb-06-18 00: AM
301 messages
Feedback for BarbaraK
Posted on Mar-10-12 at 08:07 PM (Eastern) by Please leave me a feedback for our trade....thanks!...
Jan-14-18 00: AM
136 messages
Feedback for brighteyes
Posted on Feb-26-05 at 04:36 PM (Eastern) by Feedback for Brighteyes...
Oct-18-16 00: AM
159 messages
Feedback for Barbara123
Posted on Aug-09-16 at 10:34 AM (Eastern) by Feedback for Barbara123...
Aug-09-16 00: AM
0 messages
Feedback for Barb09
Posted on Jun-15-04 at 11:12 PM (Eastern) by Just thought I would give this a go. Never asked for feedback before. Just accepted pr...
Jan-07-16 00: AM
492 messages
Feedback for bish8
Posted on Nov-11-09 at 09:36 PM (Eastern) by Feedback for bish8...
Aug-31-15 00: AM
13 messages
Feedback for barber4u
Posted on Sep-22-14 at 04:28 PM (Eastern) by Please leave feedback (Feedback is automatically set up upon joining). ...
Sep-22-14 00: AM
0 messages
Feedback for jsevier
Posted on Apr-28-05 at 06:40 PM (Eastern) by If we have traded, please leave me feedback. Thanks! Jessica
May-06-14 00: AM
134 messages

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